Astronauts leave ISS and return to Earth after 2,600 orbits around the world


Three astronauts have actually returned to Earth after five months in area and 2,688 orbits of the world.

NASA’s Scott Tingle, Russian cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov, and Norishige Kanai of the Japan Aerospace Expedition Company (JAXA), left the International Space Station (ISS) and headed to Earth just after 11am UK time.

Their Soyuz spacecraft undocked and took a trip away from the ISS for a couple of hours, prior to sparking its engines which took it out of Earth’s orbit.

After it split into its three constituent parts, the descent module fell through the environment at up to 500mph prior to its parachute was opened and it lastly touched down in the Kazakhstan steppe at about 1.40 pm UK time.

The 3 residents had actually been in space for 168 days.

3 crewmembers remain in the ISS – Americans Drew Feustel and Ricky Arnold and Russian Oleg Artemyev.

Another three astronauts are to be released to the ISS on Wednesday.

Not long after the Soyuz spacecraft touched down, helicopters were seen over the landing site before Russian cams recorded the 3 astronauts emerging from the capsule.

Researchers in the mission control centre could be seen clapping as the spacecraft came down with a puff of dust in the middle of the Kazakh grasslands.

While the team remained in orbit they carried out research on why cells alter while in space – something essential if human beings are to go even more than the moon – and the results of no gravity on plants and the body.

They were able to taste some space-grown lettuce which was being cultivated to evaluate whether plants could be grown during spaceflight.

JAXA president Hiroshi Yamakawa stated: “I am very pleased that Astronaut Kanai, who finished a long stay at the International Space Station (ISS), returned safely to the Republic of Kazakhstan by the Soyuz spacecraft (53S/MS -07) today.

” Astronaut Kanai has actually steadily performed many missions under the mission style ‘ideas to health and durability are in area’ by exploiting his background as a doctor.

” Through the ISS long-lasting stay of Astronaut Kanai, he has informed the world that the ISS job is a successful example of global cooperation and cooperation and that Japan is indispensable among them.”

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