China has put a hold on a US request at the United Nations to ban 33 ships from ports worldwide


China has put a hold on a United States request at the United Nations to ban 33 ships from ports worldwide and blacklist 27 shipping companies for helping North Korea circumvent sanctions, inning accordance with a file seen by AFP on Monday.

The United States provided the request on February 23 to a UN sanctions committee as part of a crackdown on smuggling of North Korean products, in violation of UN sanctions resolutions.

China on Friday “positioned a hang on the proposals” from the United States, said the Dutch chair of the sanctions committee in a letter seen by AFP.

US diplomats said they were waiting for an additional explanation from China and the rest of the sanctions committee before considering the next actions.

The United States demand at the United Nations corresponds with President Donald Trump’s announcement last month of the “heaviest sanctions ever” on North Korea over its ballistic and nuclear rocket tests.

The request lists 33 vessels – 19 of which are from North Korea– that would be barred from going into all ports worldwide.

Japan joined the United States in supporting the request concerning three of the 33 vessels for performing ship-to-ship transfers of oil predestined for North Korea.

The three tankers are the Dominica-flagged Yuk Tung, Belize’s Wan Heng 11 and the North Korean tanker Yu Jong 2.

The US demand likewise targets a nationwide from Taiwan, Tsang Yung Yuan, who is said to be collaborating illegal North Korean coal exports with a North Korean broker in Russia.

Of the 27 shipping and trading firms facing a UN possessions freeze, 5 are based in Hong Kong including Huaxin Shipping, which has presumably used its vessel to deliver North Korean coal to Vietnam.

Two other companies– Shanghai Dongfeng Shipping and Weihai World Shipping Freight– likewise based in China, are mentioned for carrying North Korean coal on their vessels.

Last year, the Security Council adopted a series of resolutions to prohibit North Korean exports of commodities in a bid to cut off revenue to North Korea’s military programs.

The United States and Japan are strong backers of sanctions as a method to pressure Pyongyang to come to the negotiating table and end its drive to establish nuclear weapons.

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