Crumb-proof keyboards might be on the horizon for Apple


Crumb-proof keyboards might be on the horizon after Apple submitted a patent for brand-new styles.

Digging out residues of your lunch from your keyboard might become a distant memory, with the patent explaining various keyboard styles which will “prevent contaminant ingress”.

Flaps or skirts could be utilized to secure the edges of keys – just like the spraydeck of a kayak. Other designs reveal brushes or wipers utilized to keep keys clean.

Another style shows a keyboard which includes “bellows that blast pollutants with forced gas”.

Coffee enthusiasts may likewise take advantage of the patent, as the proposed styles include spill-proof versions meant to assist clumsier users who are inclined to sip and type.

For many years, users have actually complained about sticky keys as dirt and crumbs end up being lodged in the nooks and crannies of their keyboards.

It can occur with the keys pressing down less than a millimetre, which leaves very little clearance if something does end up being caught underneath.

Business routinely file patents for concepts which never become a reality, it has stimulated excitement among Apple fans, with the relocation suggesting the technology giant is looking for an option to the problem.

There are already numerous water resistant keyboards on the market, but a lot of are made of silicone rubber and do not have the feel of a regular keyboard.

The new designs might indicate cleaner keyboards for all – or a minimum of the germ conscious will be hoping so.

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