Drake leaves money, goodwill during stops across Miami


OK, we get it: Drake loves Miami.

The 31-year-old Toronto rap star has been spreading money and goodwill throughout the city this week, beginning with a surprise visit to Miami Senior High School on Monday to shoot parts of his new music video God’s Plan.

He donated $25,000 and promised students they’ll get uniforms designed by his clothing label. Then he surprised University of Miami student Destiny James with a $50,000 scholarship.

And then, The Miami Herald reports, Drake paid the grocery bills of every shopper inside a Sabor Tropical supermarket. He also gave $50,000 to a non-profit for a homeless shelter where he also dropped $150 Target gift cards for all 130 women residents.

He later posted on his Instagram thanking Miami and saying the “last 3 days were the best I have had in a very long time.”

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