Lions, tigers, jaguar on the loose at German zoo


Authorities killed a bear and were looking for 2 lions, 2 tigers and a jaguar that broke out of their cages in a zoo in western Germany on Friday.

Cops in nearby Trier told The Associated Press that all of the left animals were thought to still be on the premises of the zoo in the town of Luenebach, near the border with Luxembourg and Belgium, however that area residents were being alerted to stay inside your home until they might be sure.

Local broadcaster SWR had actually initially reported that lions and pumas had broken out of the zoo, but authorities had the ability to identify that the missing animals were two lions, 2 tigers and a jaguar, the dpa news company reported. A bear was shot, however dpa had no more information.

The zoo did not pick up its phone and cops did not have any additional information about the establishing situation.

It was not clear how the animals left nor precisely when they went out.

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