Mozilla Launches Notes by Firefox for Android, Firefox Lockbox Password Manager for iOS


Firefox Test Pilot programme is Mozilla’s way to experiment with a few of its speculative functions of the Web internet browser. Now, the business is extending the programme to its mobile apps also, with the launch of Notes by Firefox and Firefox Lockbox. While Notes is a note-taking app for Android users, the Lockbox is a password manager for iOS users. Both of them are standalone apps that sync with the Firefox web browser on the desktop and mobile.

Let’s begin with Firefox Lockbox – it is a Firefox Test Pilot experiment that offers you access to all the logins you have actually saved to Firefox, in an app on your iPhone. All you need to do is to log in to Lockbox with your Firefox Account, and your conserved usernames and passwords will sync to the app using 256-bit encryption. This means, any password and user ID that is kept in your Web web browser, for example, login IDs for Instagram or Twitter, are automatically synced to Lockbox. This allows you to then straight visit to corresponding iOS apps.

Significantly, to open the Lockbox app, you can use Face ID or your fingerprint. For Firefox users, the new Lockbox feature perhaps holds a lot of worth, as it now allows them to utilize Firefox’s native password manager rather of a third-party app.

Meanwhile, Notes by Firefox, as the name recommends, is a note-taking app for Android. It works like Google Keep or other note-taking apps, as it stores your encrypted notes and syncs them between your mobile phone and the Web browser. It does not included a great deal of fancy functions so do not expect a Microsoft OneNote or likewise full-featured app. Notably, it only supports plain text and does not featured format, images, or other choices.

The Firefox Lockbox is offered on the Apple App Store as an English-only app in a couple of areas consisting of Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the United States, and Canada. The Notes by Firefox app is available for download on Google Play, however Mozilla says that the app is presently are under advancement and might be unsteady.

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