National Gallery to auction off famous paintings


The gallery recently announced its strategy to auction off an oil painting by Russian-born artist Marc Chagall which might be worth more than $ 11 million CDN and utilize the cash to get a crucial work of national heritage.

Just what that crucial Canadian work is remains unidentified, but the gallery’s director and CEO, Marc Mayer, stated in an interview Thursday that the only Canadian artist whose work has gathered such a high rate is Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris.

The Chagall piece movinged towards auction, The Eiffel Tower, is among only two Chagalls owned by the gallery. It’s scheduled to be offered off by Christie’s on Might 15.

Ninon Gauthier, president of the International Association of Art Critics Canada, said the gallery ought to keep the Chagall and discover another method to purchase Canadian art work.

” Where will it stop? Will we offer an Emily Carr since the National Gallery has a number of Emily Carr (works) It’s nonsense.”

Gallery gets $8M annually for acquisitions
Leah Sandals, Canadian Art Magazine’s editor of news and unique areas, stated she was “quite shocked” by the statement.

” I do support the gallery’s required in general to focus on Canadian art in a world where there’s countless museums worldwide that collect international American and European art. And it is unique for us to have an organization that’s simply mostly looking out for Canadian and Native art,” she informed CBC Radio’s Ottawa Early morning.

” But I believe part of the issue here once again is the way that the Chagall is being framed as a chance to specifically acquire another work. The National Gallery currently gets $8 million a year from the federal government … for acquisitions. The National Gallery is likewise really practised in the past at working with rich customers and donors to obtain artworks through those methods as well.”

A Chagall for a Canadian work: is it a good trade for the National Gallery? 6:28
Gallery ‘should concentrate on getting Canadian art’
Janet McLaine, who was at the gallery Thursday, said it’s a “excellent pity” to need to sell the Chagall, however she can comprehend the gallery’s desire to get more Canadian work.

” I believe it’s a terrific pity to be selling a really great and big Chagall … On the other hand the National Gallery of Canada obviously need to concentrate on acquiring Canadian art. I believe we’re all very curious to understand exactly what this piece of art is, or if it’s a number of pieces.”

Renee Smith disagreed, stating the gallery must find a various method to money the acquisition.

“I think it’s extremely regrettable, and I’m afraid it’s setting a bad precedent. I just don’t believe that is the proper way for the gallery to run. You ‘d think that perhaps they could find sponsors or other methods of getting a work that they absolutely feel they need to have,” Smith stated.

The strength of the National Gallery of Canada depends on its collection of art, particularly Canadian art, and its ease of access to the general public throughout the nation. The collection opens the way for appreciation of the finest in artistic expression: The artworks expose the past, commemorate today, and probe the future. The collection should be broadened, maintained, translated, and utilized thoroughly by the public for enjoyment and understanding, for research study and the development of understanding.

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