The Crown’s Claire Foy was underpaid compared to Matt Smith


The creators of Netflix production The Crown have actually admitted that Claire Foy, who played Queen Elizabeth II, was paid less than Matt Smith, who played her husband the Duke of Edinburgh.

Foy, 33, might have won a Golden Globe for her efficiency in the popular series however Smith’s previous role in Doctor Who had put him at the top of the pay scale, the show’s manufacturers stated.

Foy, on the other hand, had actually only appeared in smaller British dramas before winning The Crown’s primary role.

She rapidly became a star after she was cast as the young queen, making a finest starlet Golden Globe for the very first season and a Golden Globe election in the same classification for the 2nd season.

She likewise won an Emmy for impressive lead actress in a drama for the first season.

Smith, 35, was not nominated for a significant award for his function.

Suzanne Mackie and Andy Harries informed Variety, nevertheless, that the pay imbalance would change in the third series, when Olivia Colman will change Foy as the Queen.

Mackie stated: “Going forward, no one earns money more than the Queen.”

According to a Variety quote, Foy was paid $40,000 per episode but it is not clear what Smith was paid.

The program’s budget plan is up of $7m per episode.

Harries stated 120 costumes were produced for the queen in the second season alone, adding: “We put that money (the episode budget) on the screen.”

Starlet Michelle Williams was exposed previously this year to have actually been paid a fraction of exactly what her co-star earned for re-shooting scenes in All The Money In The World after Kevin Spacey was changed by Christopher Plummer.


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