The US has required North Korea ship some nuclear warheads


The United Stated has required North Korea ship some nuclear warheads, an intercontinental ballistic rocket (ICBM) and other nuclear product overseas within six months, the Asahi paper stated on Thursday, mentioning a number of sources knowledgeable about North Korean concerns.

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also appeared to have told North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, when they satisfied previously this month, that Washington may get rid of Pyongyang from a list of state sponsors of terrorism if the North ships out those nuclear items, the Asahi said.

If Pyongyang accepts complete, proven and permanent denuclearisation at a prepared top with the United States on June 12, Washington is thinking about giving assurances for Kim’s program and including that stance in a joint statement by the two leaders, the newspaper report stated.

North Korea has actually tossed into question next month’s extraordinary top in between Kim Jong Un and United States President Donald Trump, knocking on Wednesday US-South Korean military exercises as a justification and canceling high-level talks with Seoul.

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