Toys ‘R’ Us founder has died at age 94


Charles P. Lazarus, the World War II veteran who started Toys “R” Us six decades ago and also changed it into a legendary piece of Americana, passed away Thursday at age 94, a week after the chain revealed it was going out of business in the U.S.

Toys “R” Us confirmed Lazarus’ death in a statement.

” There have actually been several unfortunate moments for Toys R Us in recent weeks, as well as none a lot more heartbreaking than today’s news about the death of our cherished owner, Charles Lazarus,” the firm claimed. “Our petitions and thoughts are with Charles’ family and also loved ones.”

Lazarus, who stepped down as CEO of Toys “R” Us 1994 changed the toy market with a business design that turned into one of the very first large stores that are so dedicated to something, and also have such an impressive selection, that they drive smaller sized rivals out of business.

Much more recently, Toys “R” Us located itself unable to make it through the fads of the digital age, namely competition from the similarity, discounters like Walmart as well as mobile video games. No more able to birth the weight of its heavy financial debt load, the company announced recently that it would shut or sell its 735 stores throughout the country, including its Babies “R” United States stores.

The destiny of the Canadian stores is not yet clear, as some prospective buyers have expressed rate of interest in the business north of the border.

However, for decades, it was Toys “R” Us that drove trends in youngster’s play, becoming a launch pad of what became a few of the market’s most popular playthings.

Lazarus designed his business after the self-service supermarkets that were becoming popular in the 1950s, piling goods high to provide shoppers the sensation it had an unlimited number of playthings. The shops produced a wonderful sensation for youngsters roaming aisles loaded with Barbies, bikes as well as various other toys set out in front of them.

The chain has its origins in Kid’s Bargain Community, the baby furnishings shop that Lazarus opened in his home town of Washington, D.C., after returning from the Second World Battle. He started marketing playthings after a few years when customers started asking for them, and he quickly wrapped up that, in the baby-boom years, playthings were an extra financially rewarding service than furnishings.

He opened his initial shop committed to marketing only toys in 1957, calling it Toys “R” Us with the “R” meant backwards to offer the perception that a kid created it. Purchasing carts stood ready for clients to order as well as fill up themselves, supermarket-style.

In 1965, Geoffrey the giraffe ended up being the company’s mascot, showing up in his first TELEVISION commercial in 1973. By the 1980s as well as early 90s, Toys “R” Us dominated the toy-store business and its jingle, “I’m a Toys R Us youngster” became an anthem for children throughout the nation.

Lazarus, that was born on Oct. 4, 1923, was inducted right into the Toy Industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1990.

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