Apple May Be Working On A Smaller iPhone XE With A 4.8-inch OLED Display

We’ve heard this before just to be proven wrong, however Apple might be finally working on a smaller sized iPhone to replace the iPhone SE.

As per a report by PC Tablet, a source from Winstron, Foxconn’s iPhone producing system in India, has mentioned that a new smaller iPhone is being planned by Apple. The source didn’t point out much about the phone but did state that it will likely be called iPhone XE.

According to the source, the iPhone XE will feature an iPhone X or XS design edge-to-edge 4.8-inch AMOLED display screen with the notch. The iPhone XE will be having Face ID and no Touch ID is reportedly discovered as there will be no Home button. The source likewise discussed that the likely rate of this design will be around the $600 bracket.

A number of pointers here don’t appear to add up. Here’s why.

The ‘SE’ in ‘iPhone SE’ represented ‘special edition’. The exact same naming plan does not work for the ‘XE’ suffix, as it would mean iPhone 10 edition, that makes no sense. Second of all, even if Apple was planning a smaller iPhone, it’s highly not likely that the business would price a device with an OLED display as low as $600.

While the precision of PC Tablet’s source here is certainly questionable, it’s likewise notable that this is the very first time in a while that we’ve heard of a new 4.8-inch model being planned by Apple.

While we ‘d love to think this is true, do take this little bit of details with dollops of salt if you must.

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