AT&T says the Samsung Galaxy Fold will ship on June 13

Samsung Galaxy Fold might have a new launch date, and it might be June 13. Earlier this February at the Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung brought innovation to the table by unveiling its first ever collapsible mobile phone called the Galaxy Fold. After months of teasing and showcasing a prototype of the gadget in November in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was lastly about to get introduced in the USA on April 26, but the release has now been formally postponed. If reports are anything to go by, then the gadget will now be releasing on June 13. Appears like the reports of the screen that many customers have tested having faults has led Samsung to return to the drawing board and look where the problem really exists.

Last week, Samsung decided to hold an event for the members of the media where they could take an early look at what was about to come. Following that, lots of reviewers were handed out early evaluate systems of the Samsung Galaxy Fold for testing functions and that’s where all went crazy for Samsung. A few of the customers reported damage to the primary screen and the phone malfunctioning just after a day or 2 of use. This led Samsung to carefully examine on the matter and the business even postponed the launch of the gadget in China.

Samsung even more added, that the Galaxy Fold requires “more improvements” and the device launch will be further postponed. A day after the device got delayed, the company supposedly began to remember the gadgets that were sent out to the customers so that they might start investigating on the matter.

Now according to a report by SamMobile, AT&T is sending out emails to pre-order consumers that the brand-new release date of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is June 13. Now this news should be taken with a healthy grain of salt as the report likewise discusses that T-Mobile, the just other seller of the Galaxy Fold in the United States hasn’t offered any release date info yet. Also, both AT&T and Samsung have not discussed this matter yet.

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