DragonHinge Innovation For Foldable Mobile Devices

TCL has formally revealed the company’s patented DragonHinge innovation for foldable mobile devices at MWC 2019. TCL has also showcased the company’s whole lineup of idea products featuring a versatile display screen based on the DragonHinge innovation that employs a custom-made flexible AMOLED panel designed by TCL’s sibling company and consists of a mechanical housing that hosts the elements, enabling the devices to be utilized in various folded postures. TCL declares that business’s DragonHinge technology will increase the advancement of mobile devices with versatile display screens that show off the collapsible type factor.

TCL – which also makes mobile phones under the BlackBerry and Alcatel brand name claims that the DragonHinge technology makes it possible for seamless motion of the collapsible device without requiring much effort. TCL has actually shown the business’s entire lineup of idea versatile mobile phones based on the DragonHinge innovation at MWC 2019. The company has actually also revealed that the first batch of consumer-ready versatile gadgets from TCL will hit the marketplace in 2020, however, TCL has not revealed information about regional availability or approximate pricing of the upcoming devices.

“Together with the support of our sister business, CSOT, we’re revealing that TCL can be an innovator and leader in the mobile phone market of the future,” Peter Lee, GM of TCL’s Sales and Marketing department stated in a statement. He added that the company is not competing for the crown of being the very first brand to release a foldable mobile device. Rather, TCL is trying to produce a much better gadget which includes a refined hardware service and optimized software that can effortlessly adapt to all form factors in order to provide a polished user experience.

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