Epic Games Strengthen Account Security With Multi-Factor Authentication And Email Verification

Epic Games has actually revealed a host of security procedures to keep Fortnite, Epic Games Store, and Unreal Engine users safe from cybercriminals, in a quote to secure the interest of players. The most significant among them is multi-factor authentication (MFA) by means of dedicated authentication apps and email, with SMS-based authentication set to show up soon. Moreover, Epic Games will employ detection techniques to ensure that the e-mails used for logging in to Epic Games services have actually not been jeopardized elsewhere, aside from helping them choose a strong password by integrating ‘Have I Been Pwned’ during the password reset or account development procedure.

Starting with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Epic Games discussed in a main post that users can now increase the security of their account by choosing multi-factor authentication. Currently, one can choose between utilizing an authentication app or receiving the 2-factor key on their registered e-mail account.

Legendary Games has exposed that it will quickly make it possible for support for SMS-based 2-factor authentication too. As an incentive for enabling MFA, the Fortnite designer is handing out a complimentary Boogie Down emote in the blockbuster title. Additionally, Epic Games has actually likewise begun using the “Pwned Passwords list (v4)” by “Have I Been Pwned” to ensure that the passwords are strong and have not been jeopardized in the past.

Furthermore, the game designer will likewise make email confirmation compulsory for all brand-new Epic Games accounts in the future. Although, existing users likewise can go through the account verification process anytime they want. The studio will be including a host of account detection strategies throughout 2019, making certain that an email linked to Epic Games account and another third-party service has not been compromised.

And in case the e-mail is discovered to be utilized on a service that has been jeopardized in the past, Epic Games will lock the account and will ask users to reset their password. The designer states that despite the fact that the Epic account system has actually not been jeopardized, the typical e-mail utilized on another service – especially one whose security has been breached might jeopardize the security of users’ Epic Games account. “However, specific individual Epic accounts have actually been jeopardized by hackers using lists of email addresses and passwords dripped from other sites which have actually been jeopardized,” Epic Games says.

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