FIFA 19 Sales Flat Thanks to FIFA 18

FIFA 19 for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch may be the greatest selling console video game throughout the calendar year of 2018 for EA in Europe, but it still disappointed the company’s price quotes. What’s more is, the reason for the deficiency is FIFA 18. So much so that in 2015’s game cannibalized sales of FIFA 19, a fact which EA acknowledged in its quarterly revenues call, specifying that converting those FIFA 18 buyers to FIFA 19 has been harder than anticipated. No surprise when you think about that the rates of these video games are rather high which refined, free-to-play options exist.

” Our prepare for FIFA 18 were aggressive in a World Cup year, and we ended up selling an extra 2.4 million units of FIFA 18 throughout the year with the intention of transforming those plays to FIFA 19 when it introduced,” stated Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO throughout the company’s incomes call. “The conversion has been slower than prepared, leading to system sales that were effectively flat year-over-year.”

Furthermore, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen included:

” Life to date, FIFA 19 full game unit sales are roughly flat to FIFA 18 and somewhat listed below our expectations,” he said. “We believe the underperformance was driven by the extreme competition throughout the year. It is possible that the success of World Cup promos pulled FIFA 19 sales into FIFA 18, considered that throughout Calendar 2018, we sold more copies of FIFA than ever before. The fiscal year-to-date sales of FIFA 19 are roughly 20 million units, and we’ve offered over three million systems of FIFA 18 this too. And as Andrew said, FIFA 19 was the best-selling console game in Europe in the Calendar 2018.”

That said, Wilson called out the increasing appeal of its expanded FIFA Global series, snagging 80 percent more total minutes compared to last. Plus, FIFA Ultimate Team continues to be a brilliant spot with January 2019 having its “most successful team-of-the-year occasion ever.”

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