Fortnite Update v8.20: Boom Bow, Sniper Shootout, Lava Mode And More

Epic Games has actually launched yet another upgrade patch for Fortnite bringing the present stable variation approximately 8.20. The update brings a variety of tweaks to how the video game plays in addition to introducing some new content.

The huge brand-new feature for the upgrade is a new Limited Time Mode called ‘The Floor is Lava’. As the name suggests, this includes gamers avoiding rising lava while gathering loot and handling opponents.

Impressive has likewise presented the Poison Dart Trap, which can be put on floorings, walls, ceilings. It can be activated from three grid cells away and, when triggered, it fires darts horizontally dealing quite a lot of damage to enemies over time.

What makes the Poison Dart Trap especially fatal if used effectively is the fact that it deals damage straight to health, as poison bypasses shields.

Other noteworthy additions consist of the intro of new foraged products like bananas, coconuts and peppers, each of which includes 5 health points when consumed. The spot likewise makes changes to the way the Baller lorry works.

Substantial improvements to the Creative mode and Save the World material have likewise been implemented with the update. The full list of changes can be found here.

At the time of filing this article, the server downtime would be over and you can quickly upgrade your game and see the new changes with the update.

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