Halo: Master Chief Collection PC Tests Start This Month

The Halo series has been an iconic franchise and the crown jewel of the Xbox video gaming console. It happens in a future where human beings are fighting versus an alien alliance called the Covenant. It focuses on the story of Master Chief John-117 who is a supersoldier belonging to a group codenamed as Spartans. While only two of the video games were readily available on PC, a number of them were exclusive to the Xbox. The Halo: Master Chief Collection is a compilation of six Halo games that will act as a great intro to gamers who are new to the franchise, whereas the old timers get to revisit them. Reach was the 6th title in the franchise that acted as the prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved, launched in 2010. The video game is set in the year 2552 in a human world called ‘Reach’ and you play as Noble Six who is also a member of the Spartans.

Window Central reported that 343 Industries (Halo designer) Community Director Brian Jarrad posted on Twitter that the early testing of Halo: Reach might start this month “if all goes according to plan.” No release dates have actually been announced yet and Microsoft has said that the games will be “ready when they’re ready”.

Microsoft had actually announced the Halo Insider Program and if you wish to enroll yourself in the public screening of Halo: Reach, you have to register. Reach is going to be the very first title from the collection and it will be launching on Steam and the Microsoft Store. The April testing timeline might not be final because Microsoft aspires to open it up only when they feel that the game is all set.

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