Mario Kart Tour Hits 90 Million Downloads in First Week of Launch

Nintendo launched Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS last week and currently, the game has seen over 90 million unique downloads the world over – according to an apps analytics firm. This makes it Nintendo’s most downloaded mobile game yet for the very first week, topping Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s 14.3 million downloads in the first week. Android topped iOS for the number of downloads and the United States was the top country which had the most number of downloads.

A report by Sensor Tower reported these first week numbers, together with other analysis about how much profits the game produced, which platform saw the most downloads and the top countries which contributed to this achievement for Nintendo. Given That Mario Kart Tour is a free-to-play game, the first-week costs wasn’t as high as state Super Mario Run or Fire Emblem Heroes. Mario Kart Tour apparently produced about $12.7 million in the first week, compared to Super Mario Run’s $16.1 million and Fire Emblem Heroes’ $28.2 million.

For Mario Kart Tour, the video game reportedly saw 59.5 percent of downloads from the Google Play Store, and the remainder 36.6 percent from Apple’s App Store on iOS. However, when it pertained to player costs, it was iOS that generate more income (about $9.6 million) compared to Android (about $3.1 million). When it pertained to the leading nations that contributed to the downloads, the United States took lead, followed by Brazil and Mexico. The US likewise led the pack in regards to revenue, with its users investing almost $5.8 million of the total. Japan took 2nd place here, followed by France.

Mario Kart Tour offers numerous race tracks, motivated from real-world places as well as some popular ones from the Mario Kart series. The video game is about 120MB on Android, and 192.8 MB on iOS. It requires an Internet connection to play. It’s a complimentary game but there are in-app purchases too.

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