Minecraft Earth Early Access for Android, iOS With New Game Content

Minecraft Earth, an AR version of the traditional Minecraft video game, was announced back in May this year, but its closed beta testing was limited to only a few regions. Minecraft Earth’s early access also brings some brand-new functions that are yet to get here on the beta channel, such as experiences, brand-new mob variations, smelting, and crafting to name a few.

In addition to India, Minecraft Earth early gain access to is now available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United States to name a few areas. You can download Minecraft for iPhone and iPad from the App Store here, while the video game’s Android version is up for download from Play Store here.

Discussing what’s brand-new in Minecraft Earth early gain access to, it brings experiences, brand-new mob variations and more. Adventures are custom-made for social multiplayer sessions and have actually been described formally as “small slices of procedurally created, limited-time Minecraft worlds that you play in enhanced reality”. Adventures will put the survival skills of players to check as they brave hostile mobs in the video game.

Minecraft Earth’s early access will likewise let players throw a buildplate to develop an interactive Minecraft diorama, craft and smelt resources, collaborate with other gamers to produce a structure, and do a lot more. The smelting tool will let players work ores into ingots, while crafting will enable them to create items instead of looking for them.

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