PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus Subscriptions, Here Is What You Get

With the PUBG Mobile update 0.11.5 came the promise of Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions. These allow players a day-to-day perk of Unknown Cash (UC), discounts, and the capability to purchase items with Battle Points (BP). Tencent has now revealed that PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus memberships are now readily available in-game. A fast look at our Android and iOS gadgets confirmed the exact same. It’s $0.99 for Prime and $4.99 for Prime Plus with Prime Plus being $9.99 after the very first month. Here’s what you get with PUBG Mobile Prime and Prime Plus subscriptions.

PUBG Mobile Prime subscription features

  • Purchase items with BP (seven days/ 30 days)
  • Collect 5 UC daily for total of 150 UC

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus subscription features

  • Collect 20 UC daily for total of 600 UC
  • Purchase items with BP (seven days/30 days/permanent)
  • Earn 10 RP points per day
  • Daily discounts on different items
  • First Classic Crate lottery every day is 50 percent off

And while additions to PUBG Mobile with the 0.11.5 update are still presenting, it ends up that the 0.12.0 beta is already in development. With it comes a host of brand-new features to the video game. These range from a new mode called Darkest Night to a companion system that lets you take companions into battle to make cosmetic products. Also brand-new with the PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update are liquid nitrogen grenades, leaping zombies and zombie canines, and a new menu area called MugenSpace/Infinity, this changes Events mode. You can take a look at the update on Android and iOS right now. The PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 update download size is 1.8 GB on Android.

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