PUBG Mobile Tops 400 Million Downloads, June PUBG Console Update Revealed

Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation have actually revealed that PUBG Mobile has actually crossed 400 million downloads and 50 million daily active users mark outside China. The development comes on the heels of PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 update, which went live on Wednesday. On The Other Hand PUBG Console Development team has actually exposed what PUBG console variation players can anticipate to see in June update. The upgrade will bring weapon mastery system, a 3rd controller predetermined, and more. The June patch is set up to be launched on June 27 PDT for Xbox One and PS4.

In an announcement for the PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 upgrade, Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation revealed the titbit about reaching the new turning point of 400 million downloads outside China. The milestone comes less than 6 months after the PUBG Mobile video game had actually exceeded 200 million downloads. While PUBG Mobile was seeing 30 million everyday active users in December 2018, the number has now risen to 50 million.

According to an expert report released previously this week, PUBG Mobile likewise became the world’s top grossing mobile video game. It surpassed Honour of Kings by generating $146 million (approximately Rs. 1,000 crores) last month. While Play Store and App Store revenues represented $76 million, rest came from the Chinese version of the video game “Game for Peace,” as per analytics firm Sensor Tower.

On the PUBG console variation end, the game’s console team on Wednesday exposed on Reddit that the game’s June spot is coming quickly and will bring a number of brand-new features and enhancements.

“The next spot is currently arranged for June 27 PDT and will introduce some highly required functions to the console experience, consisting of the auto-equipping of scopes, publications and muzzle attachments, a tactical marker interactions system for those players without access to mics, and a brand-new controller design scheme for better movement in fight,” KooSung Jeong of PUBG’s console advancement group wrote on Reddit.

“Vikendi and Erangel will both get loot rebalances and the highly expected Weapons Mastery system makes will make its debut on consoles,” Jeong added.

Here’s the full changelog of the June patch for PUBG console version

  • Weapons Mastery
    • New progression feature in PUBG with unique, awesome, and free rewards
    • New avenue for players to improve their weapon skills
  • Tactical Marker
    • The map now has six marker options to choose from depending on the situation
  • Second Erangel Loot Spawn Rebalance
    • Increased spawn rate of AR, DMR and SR
    • The featured map will be changed to Erangel from Sanhok with the June Update
  • Vikendi Loot Spawn Rebalance
    • Blue Zone adjustment
    • Increased spawn rate of AR, DMR and SR (especially SR)
  • Auto Equip Attachments
    • We understand that handling attachments with the controller can sometimes be difficult and players would sometimes avoid early combat due to having insufficient time to equip attachments
    • To solve for this, we created an auto equip attachment feature to reduce time when equipping needed attachments. Less time in your inventory means more time for battle!
  • Controller Preset C
    • Like the above auto equip feature, we are focusing on improving overall player experience during battles
    • On the controller, leaning is configured to thumbsticks and we understand it can sometimes affect your movement and aim
    • Controller Preset C moves the bindings of leaning from the thumbsticks to the bumper buttons, as well as making a number of other suggested changes.

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