PUBG PS4 Isn’t the Best Way to Play PUBG Right Now, But It’ll Do


After PUBG Mobile PC, and Xbox One, it’s the PS4’s turn to get PUBG Corp’s fight royale feeling. In case you were unaware PUBG (short for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a shooter can be played in third- or first-person. PUBG PS4 pits you against 99 other gamers in a battle to the death after parachuting onto an island where you need to scavenge equipment and vehicles to endure. Nevertheless there’s more to compete with than just human challengers. The enormous map you’re on is ever shrinking, forcing you to constantly be on the relocation. Today however, the PS4 has more than its reasonable share of battle royale games with Fortnite, H1Z1, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout, Red Dead Redemption 2, and even Battlefield V that’s slated to adopt the battle royale mode popularised by PUBG. Does PUBG PS4 have enough to keep you coming back? Well, no and yes. Here’s why.

The PUBG PS4 download size is 33.51 GB. Perplexing when the Xbox One X variation is just half of that. Firing up PUBG PS4 recommends no reason for it to occupy that much of your disk drive space. That’s specifically the case when you notice that PUBG PS4’s visuals– even on a PS4 Pro– are lacklustre. While PUBG Corp claims that the PS4 Pro version of the game has performance enhancements, our time with it showed otherwise. From electric transmission lines and fences that are dots rather of correctly formed objects (and frankly, wouldn’t keep an eye out of location in a PS2 video game) to information like grass and walls popping in as you get close, PUBG PS4 looks rough even on a PS4 Pro despite the map you’re on be it Miramar, Sanhok, or Erangel. It does not feature a few of the slick effects the Xbox One X version has such as improved lighting and foliage.

In addition to these problems, the PUBG PS4 map reveals itself a little too late as you parachute to the ground. This makes choosing where you want to land more cumbersome than it should be as you’ll discover yourself pushing the PS4 touch bar to speak with the mini-map every now and then. It’s far from suitable. More so when this is a video game that could not make it to the PS4 a year ago due to Sony’s evident adherence to quality.

Although PUBG PS4 appears like the PC variation running below minimum settings, it carries out remarkably well with a constant frame rate. On the PS4 Pro at least, it’s more consistent compared to what it was when it launched on the Xbox One X. Sadly, it does not seem like the 60fps PC players need to expect (rather, closer to 30fps) however it remains extremely solid, not dropping a beat even when you’re being chased after by 2 jeeps with its guests drizzling bullets on you. It’s supported by controls that feel responsive for a lot of part, though it might do a better job of telling you if you require to hold a button or tap it when connecting with in-game things and loot. Furthermore, some button icons look noticeably low-res. These minor gripe aside, the moment to minute gameplay is enjoyable to say the least.

Right now, PUBG on PS4 is playing catch up to the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout and Fortnite both of which use experiences that are a great deal more refined. That said, with the PUBG PS4 rate starting at Rs. 1,999 upwards ($30 in the United States), the game sits in between the free-to-play hijinks of Fortnite and extravagant Rs. 4,699 MRP of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The lower price tag manages it some leeway though it’s tough to believe that the console that got some great looking titles like God of War, Spider-Man, and Uncharted 4, also gets something that looks like this. Nonetheless, it’s a good enough base to develop on, and in time possibly even integrate some of the knowings PUBG Corp experienced while making the Xbox One and PC versions of the game.

PUBG PS4 is an interesting monster. A year back, it would have been innovative. At the minute, it’s practically qualified due to its middle of the roadway pricing and decent frame rate bogged down by poor presentation. If you own a PS4 and have not played the superlative PUBG Mobile, play that first and if you prefer a bigger screen and the PS4 controller, offer PUBG PS4 a go. It’s not the very best variation of PUBG, but it’ll do.

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