Twitter Removes ‘Locked’ Accounts From Follower Counts


Twitter stated Wednesday users are most likely to see “follower” numbers drop as the service stops including potentially suspicious or fraudulent accounts.

The social media network stated it would make the modification by removing from followers any accounts which have been “locked” after unexpected modifications in behaviour, which may indicate the people who opened them might not remain in control.

” This week, we’ll be eliminating these locked accounts from fan counts across profiles worldwide,” Twitter said in an article.

” As a result, the number of fans displayed on lots of profiles might decrease.”

The San Francisco-based service stated it reaches out to owners of locked accounts to validate all is well and have them reset passwords.

In the meantime, locked accounts were kept in tallies of other Twitter users they “followed.”.

Twitter said most of these accounts “were produced by real people” but that it locks accounts if it can not verify that the original individual who opened the account is still in charge.

Twitter expected most users to see follower counts ebb by four or less, with “a more considerable drop” for people with big fan numbers.

” We comprehend this might be hard for some, but we believe precision and transparency make Twitter a more relied on service for public discussion,” the San Francisco-based company stated.

Reasons for accounts being locked include tweeting great deals of unsolicited replies or firing off “misleading” links. Twitter said that it in some cases locks accounts if ranks of users obstruct them, or if stolen passwords are published online.

” Until we confirm that everything is fine with the account, we lock it, that makes them not able to tweet or see advertisements,” Twitter said.

” In a lot of cases, these accounts were produced by genuine people but we can not validate that the original person who opened the account still has control and access to it.”.

The inspiration for the upgrade was that follower counts frequently act as a sign of account reliability, inning accordance with Twitter.

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