Twitter Says Doesn’t Have Edit Button in Its Top Priorities, Support for Apple’s Live Photos Upcoming

Twitter Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour at a press occasion in San Francisco, California, revealed that the anticipated edit button isn’t most likely to be readily available anytime quickly on the platform. Beykpour’s action comes months after CEO Jack Dorsey suggested the arrival of an alternative to let users include a little clarification to the tweets which contain typos or other minimal mistakes. At the most recent press occasion, the Twitter group also exposed a few of the functions that remain in the works. The business announced that users will be able to follow interests much like who they follow accounts. Even more, it revealed there are plans to bring support for Apple’s Live Photos.

Beykpour ambiguously addressed the concern around the edit button by saying that it’s not anywhere near Twitter’s top concerns, as reported by TechCrunch. He said that some obvious threat aspects associate with bringing the edit function to the platform. But however, the executive did mention that the business would ultimately bring a devoted function to resolve user needs like remedying a typo or clarifying their message.

This sounds similar to what CEO Dorsey, 42, had mentioned at an occasion for Goldman Sachs in San Francisco back in February. He had stated that Twitter was planning to include a new function that would enable users to add some sort of clarification or annotations to their old tweets.

In a podcast interview earlier in February, Dorsey had actually hinted at the option for giving a 5-30 seconds hold-up in sending of the tweet to let users can modify it. He had also stated that considering that the platform was developed on the SMS format of text messaging, it does not have the editing function.

In addition, Twitter said that it would bring the ability to support Apple’s Live Photos. You can likewise anticipate a choice to re-order the images in a tweet after you have actually connected to a new tweet.

Apart from specifying the advancement around the edit function and upcoming Live Photos support, Twitter used its press occasion in San Francisco to detail the significant function it’s currently developing for the users. According to a report by The Verge, the business revealed that it would soon permit users to follow topics such as sports, celebrities, and TV programs to name a few to see a variety of tweets based upon their selections– not the original timeline. The feature would work simply as how users are allowed on the platform to follow other user accounts.

Twitter is likewise stated to make it possible for users to mute particular subjects to temporarily conceal them from their feed. Even more, it is evaluating a method to let users establish different lists within the app to follow particular interests. The company likewise reportedly verified that it is dealing with searchable direct messages, which was spotted recently.

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