Twitter Tests New Advertisement Strategy for Trending Topics


Micro-blogging website Twitter is checking a new advertising strategy to increase income from its trending topics, as confirmed by the business.

The Promoted Trend Spotlight advertisements put a big visual banner equipped with a GIF or image background atop the Explore tab, TechCrunch reported on Thursday.

The banners appear for the very first two times a user check outs that day, according to the report.

Twitter earlier replaced the Moments include with Explore that acts as the house for learning exactly what’s occurring on Twitter, including trends.

The Promoted Trend Spotlight ads are purchased as an add-on to the existing Promoted Trends ads that are placed among the list of Twitter’s most popular topics, the TechCrunch report said.

“We are continuing to explore new ways to improve our takeover offerings and provide brands more high-impact opportunities to drive conversation and brand name awareness on our platform,” a Twitter representative was estimated as saying.

When tapped, advertisements under Promoted Trend Spotlight would open a feed of tweets with among the marketer’s associated tweets at the top.

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