Valve May Be Working on Steam Cloud Game Streaming Service to Rival Google Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud

Steam- and by that extension, Valve– is no stranger to game streaming, however the options provided by Steam are restricted by hardware requirement, which means you require dedicated gear to stream your video games. Go into cloud-based video game streaming, which basically eliminates the hardware requirement from the equation and permits users to enjoy a game just the way they stream Netflix videos. While Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Project xCloud are the big names in the field, Valve might be working on its own cloud-based game streaming service for Steam that will pass the name ‘Steam Cloud Gaming’.

Steam Database, which tracks modifications on Steam and Valve’s gaming IPs, identified the reference of ‘Steam Cloud Gaming’ in the code of Steam Games partner portal page. The function “Sign Latest Cloud Gaming Addendum” has a “Return URL” condition attached with it, which means Valve’s designer and releasing partners need to accept the condition – wherever relevant – and as soon as they proceed with it, the code sends their approval to the Steam API.

The name – Steam Cloud Gaming– in itself is a clear indication that some form of cloud gaming service is in development for Steam at Valve. While this can not be taken as a certainty that Valve’s cloud-based video game streaming service will make its method to the marketplace, however if it does, it might already have a huge benefit over present leaders, Google Stadia and Microsoft Project xCloud. And that advantage can be found in the type of Steam’s large game library, which implies Valve won’t need to court designers and publishers to bring their titles to Steam’s cloud game streaming service the method Google is having a hard time.

Valve is yet to officially describe its strategies regarding a cloud-based game streaming service for Steam, so take this discovery with a pinch of salt. If you are into PC gaming, you need to already understand the existing streaming options from Valve– Steam Remote Play, Steam Link, and Steam Link Anywhere. But because they all require gamers to currently have PC video gaming rig in the house or some type of video gaming hardware and a fairly fast web connection, a true cloud-based video game streaming service is something that will complete Steam’s portfolio.

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