Xbox One Gets Support for Google Assistant Voice Commands, Microsoft Reveals

Microsoft has announced the release of Xbox Action for the Google Assistant, that will now let users communicate with their Xbox One consoles through voice commands, just like the existing Alexa and Cortana integration. This means users will now be able to introduce games, switch on or shut off the console, play or time out videos and much more, just by providing voice commands to the Google Assistant. Presently, this new feature is being presented as a public beta on Xbox One, and is just available to all consumers in English during the beta duration.

According to Microsoft, to begin with the beta program, you will initially need to join a Google Group with the Google account that you mean to utilize. Once done, check in to your Xbox. Now, on your iOS or Android powered mobile phone, open the Google Home app and tap + Add > tap Set up device > Tap Have something already set up > Search for and select [beta] Xbox. When this is done, you’ll now need to check in with the Microsoft account you use on your Xbox console. Do that, and follow the guidelines to link your Xbox and provide it a device name. Following this, your Xbox One console will be coupled with the Google Assistant and you will now have the ability to use voice commands on it.

A few actions that you can try asking the Google Assistant are- play games, turn on or off Xbox, launch YouTube, time out or resume videos, taking a screenshot, and more.

As we discussed above, Xbox Action for the Google Assistant is presently in beta and is only readily available for customers in English language on the Xbox One. However, Google and Xbox are interacting to broaden language assistance before launching more broadly to the Xbox community later this fall.

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