Xiaomi’s Upcoming Foldable Might Pack Triple Rear Cameras

Xiaomi recently showcased a collapsible phone on video, however so far, there has been no details about the device’s internal hardware or electronic cameras. A brand-new patent application filed by Xiaomi suggests that the business’s first foldable phone might load triple rear video cameras. The schematics in Xiaomi’s patent application plainly reveal a vertically-aligned video camera module with cutouts for 3 lenses. However sadly, there is no information on the megapixel count of the cams on the business’s collapsible phone, which is still under the model screening phase.

The collapsible phone patent submitted by Xiaomi before EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), which was first spotted by @Xiaomishka, shows a tablet-like gadget with balanced dual-hinge style to fold the display screen on either side along its vertical axis. The style is quite comparable to the collapsible phone that was just recently showcased on video by Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin and later made an appearance in another teaser video shared by Xiaomi.

However, none of the 2 videos provided us a glimpse at the collapsible phone’s video cameras. The diagrams in Xiaomi’s patent application suggest that the upcoming foldable device might pack triple rear electronic cameras. The lenses will be housed in a module that will create a small hump. Surprisingly, there doesn’t seem a cutout for the selfie video camera in any of the patent images, neither is it noticeable in Xiaomi’s teaser videos.

It must be noted that the triple rear cams are seen in a patent application, which suggests they just represent Xiaomi’s vision for a collapsible device and might not necessarily be carried out on a commercially available phone. Also, Xiaomi has currently made it clear that its collapsible phone will launch as a mass gadget only if the idea gains traction and creates adequate interest.

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